Exception thrown in TryParse


When using Reference.TryParse() without passing in a book name (eg. "3:16"), an exception is thrown and passed out of the TryParse method. This method should never allow a exception to be thrown, rather, it should return false.


torque wrote Jun 12, 2013 at 7:31 PM

I have this issue when i put in a bogus book name. NullReferenceException, Ln 27 of Range.cs because result.Start is null from the Verse.Create. I'm not sure why it doesn't bubble up though.

torque wrote Jun 12, 2013 at 9:58 PM

In Range.cs
             result.Offset = offset;
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             result.Start = Verse.Create(scriptureInfo, range.FirstBook, range.FirstChapter, range.FirstVerse, range.FirstVerseSuffix, VersePosition.First, mode);
+            if (result.Start == null) return result;
             result.End = Verse.Create(scriptureInfo, range.SecondBook, range.SecondChapter, range.SecondVerse, range.SecondVerseSuffix, VersePosition.Last, mode);
+            if (result.End == null) return result;
             int firstChapterLimitsOffset = 1 - result.Start.VerseNumber;
In Reference.cs
                     result = Create(scriptureInfo, ranges);
-                return true;
+                return (result != null && result.Count() > 0);
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