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Project Description
Scripture Reference Parser is a library to parse data, including book, chapter, verse, and index, from references from various scriptures.

  • Parses variously formatted references (eg. jn "3.16", "John 3:16", "Jn 3:16-17, etc.") into code objects.
  • Can be extended to work with any text which uses book/chapter/verse references.

New Changes/Features
  • Scripture data is now loaded from an XML file (via. ScriptureInfo factory method)
  • The Reference class now implements IEnumerable<Verse> to more accurately represent a scripture reference as a collection of verses.
  • Verse class now implements IFormattable. Nifty.

Future Features
  • More complete parsing methods (Parse and TryParse) on Reference class.
  • Parsing of references without any punctuation (eg. "jn 3 16" or "jn 3 16 17")
  • IFormattable support for Reference class. I am open to suggestions on a spec for the format string.

Feel free to contact me about supporting this project with updates or code review:

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